Steal This Post: Professions

I’m a big fan of sharing things that work; in that vein anything under the tag “Steal This Post” will feature posts or guides that you can take right out of the zip file and put up to your guild’s forums with minimal effort. Go ahead, steal it right here!


Hai can you make cheezburgers?

This edition of Steal This Post is a list to coordinate and communicate who has what recipes within the guild. I find this to be very useful for Jewelcrafters who have to do daily JC quests as well as Scribes and Alchemists whose high end crafts are discovery based.

The posts included below are not complete lists of every recipe available in WotLK. Instead they are lists of the purchasable, discoverable, quest, and drop recipes.

The zip file contains only text files with the BBCode to copy/paste directly into a new thread on your forums. My recomendation is to do the following:

  1. Create a new forum category for Professions
  2. Create a new thread called High End Profession List, make it sticky
  3. Put the Intro as the first post in that thread
  4. Add all the other professions as replies to that Intro
  5. Ask your guild to reply to the post with what they can craft
  6. Once a week update the main thread with your guild’s replies

It doesn’t get used all the time, it often doesn’t get used in-game, but it is helpful to have when you have it updated.

The last suggestion I’ll put out there is the fastest way to get updates are to get your guildies on Vent/TS and run through their professions verbally. Updating the post this way doesn’t require tabbing out of the game or writing anything down and I find gets it done faster.

Download the BBCode text files here.


~ by guildguru on December 28, 2008.

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